Use your energy to contribute to development,Uhuru tells politicians

The President, who addressed Trans Nzoia residents at three stopovers after the Church service, said his Government does not segregate Kenyans on who they voted for or the political affiliations of leaders


President Uhuru Kenyatta Sunday asked opposition leaders to contribute to the development of the country instead of spending their energy on divisive politics.

The President said the opposition leaders should cool down and allow the Government to work for Kenyans.

He called on Kenyans to ignore any attempt by politicians to divide them along tribal lines.

Speaking during a church service at A.I.C Baraka in Trans Nzoia County, the President said both Government and the opposition serve the interest of the same Kenyans and should therefore work towards improvement of the standards of living in the country.

“Politicians should stop the habit of identifying everyone by his tribe. They should realize that our priority is to deliver and appointments are made on merit,” he said.

The President, who addressed Trans Nzoia residents at three stopovers after the Church service, said his Government does not segregate Kenyans on who they voted for or the political affiliations of leaders.

“Kenyans voted for the leaders they wanted. We are ready to work with Governors and MPs irrespective of their parties,” he said.

Leaders who joined the President at the Church service and the rallies said the agenda by the opposition to antagonize the Government and raise political temperatures holds no benefit.

TransNzoia Governor Duncan Khaemba said he would continue working closely with the Government.

“We don’t care about parties or tribe here. There is no way we can fail to work with the National Government” he said.

Governors Alex Tolgos (Elgeyo Marakwet) and Simon Kachapin (West Pokot) said sections of the opposition should stop issuing threats to Government.

Cherangany MP Wesley Korir and Kimilili MP Chris Wamalwa (ODM) whose constituencies the President visited said the opposition should change direction.

“Those threatening the Government are indirectly begging for jobs but you can’t get a job by threatening the person who is supposed to employ you” he said.

Wamalwa said he would continue working closely with Government to bring development to his constituents amid cheering from his constituents.

Addressing a roadside rally in Kitale town, the President said Kenya has lost so much because of divisive politics and empty rhetoric by people who are supposed to be helping citizens benefit from development.

“Kenyans can’t feed on noise, insults and threats. They can only from the product of what they sweat for and what their leaders sweat for,” he said.

The President welcomed leaders from across the political divide, who have faulted the brand of opposition politics in the country and resolved to work for peace and unity in the country.

“We must work together on all matters of national importance. Development realized through our unity will benefit all Kenyans without bias on political, religious or ethnic backgrounds,” the President said.

He said Kenyans will judge the Government on its development record and not political rhetoric during the next elections.

“We were not voted to engage in shouting matches but we are ready when the time comes and it is only three years away,” he said.

President Kenyatta called on opposition leaders to give space to the young men and women who have been elected by Kenyans to deliver on their mandate.

“I have asked Chris Wamalwa to tell his party boss, when he meets him next, to ask him to cool down and let the young men and women to work for Kenyans,” he said.

On combating terrorism and other forms of crime in the country, President Kenyatta said Government purge on criminals does not target religion or communities but individuals threatening the peace in the country.

TNA chairman Johnson Sakaja said President Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto were elected on a platform of uniting the country and were committed to peace and harmonious co-existence in the country.

Mr Sakaja advised the youth to shun politicians who incite them to violence and misuse them to cause chaos in the country. Such leaders and their children, Mr Sakaja said will run away to safe grounds when there is insecurity in the country.