We are focused on development, Uhuru assures Kenyans



President Kenyatta emphasized the Jubilee Government’s commitment to work with all leaders irrespective of party affiliation

Politics of abuse and disrespectfulness have no place in the modern Kenya, President Uhuru Kenyatta has said.

Speaking in Kakamega town, President Kenyatta said Kenyans went to the elections last year and made their choice which should be respected.

He said the Jubilee Government will serve all Kenyans irrespective of their culture, religion or political affiliation.

The President emphasized that he is ready to work with all leaders to ensure Kenya is transformed and wananchi reap the fruits of their labour.

“We went for elections last year and wananchi made their decision which must be respected by all. As leaders, we must work together to unite Kenyans and build our country,” the President said.

He added: “The problems we face are the same, they don’t differentiate between tribes or political parties.”

President Kenyatta said the Government will ensure cane farmers access subsidized fertilizer so as to lower the costs of production in the region.

“We will work with your county leaders to see how we can revive local industries and initiate other development projects aimed at improving your living standards,” he said.

Stressing on the importance of education to all Kenyan youths, President Kenyatta said his Government has set aside funds in the current budget to ensure that none of them fails to sit for their national exams.

“The Government will increase money for free primary and secondary education. All candidates will sit for their exams without paying fees,” said the President.

President Kenyatta also said the over Ksh 1.5 billion Mumias water project will be inaugurated soon to benefit the residents of the Western region.

Deputy President William Ruto said it is time for all leaders irrespective of political affiliation to join hands and develop the nation.

“We were all elected not by chance but by Kenyans through the will of God. We therefore need to build Kenya for the benefit of all citizens,” said the Deputy President.

Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko urged all the youth to shun leaders who propagate violence.

“You don’t need saba-saba and mass action. These will not provide jobs for you, what you require is to support the President and the Government in its development agenda and ultimately you will all benefit,” said the Nairobi Senator.

Senate Majority Prof. Kithure Kindiki said what the country requires is mass development and not mass action.

Later, President Kenyatta and the Deputy President made a stopover at Khayega Market to acknowledge greetings from residents.

Addressing them, the President said the Government will serve all Kenyans irrespective of political affiliation.

The Deputy President said Kenyans should join hands in development and ignore those preaching divisive politics.

“In any election there will be winners and losers but to take the country forward, we all have to work together as leaders,” the Deputy President said.

He added: “Those who lost in the election should give space for the Government to serve Kenyans and wait to try their luck next time instead of disrupting progress.”

The President and the Deputy President also inspected the Kisumu – Kakamega road and addressed wananchi in Ikolomani constituency. The President assured the residents that the construction of the road will be completed by June next year.

The President also directed the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to ensure that all stalled road projects are revived.

Area leaders assured the President and the Deputy President that they supported in the country’s development agenda.


Earlier, President Kenyatta and Deputy President Ruto met leaders from Kakamega and Vihiga to discuss the two counties’ development agenda.

Speaking during the meeting at Kakamega State Lodge, President Kenyatta emphasized the Jubilee Government’s commitment to work with all leaders irrespective of party affiliation to ensure Kenyans receive efficient and effective services.

“What is important is not how much noise politicians make but what they do to improve the welfare of the citizens. As leaders, therefore, we must respect the will of the people, put aside political differences and work together in serving the electorate,” President Kenyatta said.

The President told Members of County Assembly (MCAs) from the two counties to play their role effectively in taking services to the grassroots level. He said as the National Government does its part, the county governments also have to be at the forefront in development at the grassroots level if devolution is to succeed.

Responding to infrastructure concerns raised by the leaders, President Kenyatta said the Government has a national programme to construct 2000 kilometres of roads from which the two counties will also benefit. He said the construction of roads that had stalled in the two counties will be revived.

He said the national government will work with the county government to address the challenges facing sugarcane and maize farmers.

He stressed the need for the national and county governments to harmonise development plans to ensure effective implementation of projects.

Deputy President Ruto appealed to the leaders not to dwell on divisive politics but focus on serving citizens.

“Our responsibility as leaders is not to continue politicking long after the elections but to settle down in serving the electorate,” the Deputy President said.

Lurambi Member of Parliament Raphael Otaalo said the people of Western Kenya want development and will not follow the opposition blindly.

“You are the right choice for this country. Continue uniting the country,” Mr. Otaalo told the President and Deputy President.

Kakamega Deputy Governor Prof. Phillip Kutima said his county government has been working in harmony with the National Government and that is why the two levels of government have not experienced frictions in the county.


Elsewhere, President Kenyatta Saturday paid glowing tribute to the late Captain Harrison Okang’a Makaka, describing him as an experienced pilot who loved his work.

Speaking at the funeral service of the late Makaka at Eshisiru in Kakamega County, President Kenyatta said Kenyans should emulate him and perform their nation-building duties with dedication in whichever capacity they are in.

The late Makaka – who died early this month in a plane crash at Utawala in Nairobi – served in the Kenya Air Force for 11 years before he retired and joined the private sector as a commercial pilot.

“If all Kenyans were dedicated to their work as the late Harrison, this country would go far,” President Kenyatta said.

The President assured the bereaved family of his support and prayed to God to give them the strength to bear the loss.

Deputy President William Ruto said with the death of Makaka, the country has lost a development-conscious Kenyan who was a shining example in Kakamega County.