Yatta prisoners demand conjugal rights

Yatta prisoners are demanding conjugal rights claiming this is divine gift that cannot be taken away by the state.  

The prisoners said the rights are an entitlement to every married man or woman alleging that homosexuality and lesbians is on the rise in the correctional facilities across the country due to non availability of this God given rights.

It may not have surfaced as a major challenge to prisoners in the recent past, but it is an inevitable entitlement to the married, one that is so wounding to the victims of denial.

In a move to uphold their marriage these prisoners are now challenging the government to come up with separate cells which will be entirely set aside for the married prisoners to meet their spouses and enjoy the “right”.

Alex Muthiani Muendo a self confessed jailbird broke the news when he said many prisoners’ families were breaking as a result of serving long sentences in jail consequently forcing their spouses to look for other suitors.

Muendo said that the only solution was to build solitary rooms for to enable inmates enjoy this rights.

The prisoners however recognized the reforms initiated by the government noting that there was greater difference now compared to the previous years.

These sentiments were echoed by Francis Muthama CEO King Africa a non-governmental organization that visited over 226 male prisoners in Yatta prison and donated free toothpaste and brushes as well as educating them on better hygiene methods to help fight diseases.

Prison boss Kenedy Okeyo said plans were underway to address various challenges facing the prisoners in Yatta.

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  1. Georbert Athoo
    July 02, 2014

    This is so incredible job my friend Francis.
    Keep up the good work of personal hygiene. It is only God who will reward you and connect you with partners you never imagined