10 couples tie the knot despite jigger struggles

By Caroline Kamau

It appears that dream came to pass for not one but ten brides who walked down the aisle in a communal wedding.

It was a rare spectacle as family, relatives and friends gathered to witness a celebration of love and commitment as ten brides walked down the aisle in a communal wedding.

The wedding held at ACK Kagundu-Ini church in Murang’a County attracted hundreds of guests who came to share in the moment as the brides beaming with joy, temporarily forget their past struggles with jiggers, and put their best foot forward in celebration.

The brides did not mind sharing the limelight… after all it is said no one can outshine the bride her beauty glows from within.

While the couples had lived together for years they were here to renew their commitment, to each other in holy matrimony before  God witnessed by hundreds of invited guests

Beneath all the pomp and color these couples once shared a similar fate… a few years ago, they were among the statistics of those suffering from jiggers.

Walking and doing simple chores was a huge task, but all that is now water under the bridge.

For them what appeared to be a farfetched dream, is now reality and they did not shy away from putting their best forward in front of the invited guests who were among those who helped them realize their dream.

They were once bound by a similar painful fate, but the joy on their face is testimony that anything is possible

The wedding would not end without gifts for the newlyweds.

Theirs is a story of how their misfortune turned into fortunes and as they live for their honeymoon they are content to have lived to see this day come to pass.


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