10 incredible kitchen gadgets you didn’t know you needed

Your time in the kitchen can become much more productive with these gadgets.

Being in the kitchen is a time-consuming job and requires the right tools to get the chopping, mixing, stirring, and kneading job done. You’ve got the basic appliances and equipment you need to run a kitchen, knives, pots, pans, spoons, boards etc. But beyond that, it’s anybody’s game. Inventors are constantly coming up with extremely specific tools to get kitchen tasks done that are bound to make your life in the kitchen much, much easier. These kitchen gadgets are so useful and funky and may be worth splurging on.

Here are 6 of them:

  1. This strainer

Strap it on to any pot or bowl to strain your liquid. It especially comes in handy when you need to drain hot liquids.

  1. Pineapple corer

This gadget dices your pineapple within seconds. Insert it in the core of your pineapple, twist, push and voila! The pineapple juice even collects in the middle of the corer.


  1. The Chork

The chork features a fork on one end and chopsticks on the other. It’s perfect for newbie chopsticks users who still need the assistance of a fork every now and again.

  1. Egg cooker pan

This comes in major handy when you’re trying to fry several different things at once. It could be a couple of eggs at once or eggs, bacon, and sausages.

  1. Corn Stripper

The task of picking maize grains off the cob can seem like a punishment so this gadget is such a godsent. The stripper takes each kernel off the cob with a simple twist.

  1. Finger guard

For when your knife skills are lacking, and you’ve cut your fingers one too many times. Slide them onto your fingers like rings and slice and dice fearlessly.

  1. Souper cubes

They are silicone trays that allow for you to freeze your soups, vegetable mixes and smoothies into cubes. You simply just re- heat and eat later.

  1. Odour absorber

It removes the unwanted odours of garlic, onion, fish and spices from your skin. It’s a stainless-steel bar that uses the wonders of physics to draw away the unwanted smells when you rub on it.

  1. Heating knife

Trying to spread cold butter on your pastry can be annoying because of the lack of smoothness. Avoid the chunky butter scenario by using this knife that pre-heats in a minute and spreads so easily.

  1. Onion chopper

The best of the best. No more tears. Just place part of an onion in the tray and close the lid. Voila!

Images courtesy of Amazon.


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