10 Signs you are wasting your precious time on him



By Beth Nyaga
We’ve all been in a relationship where we’re just not sure if it’s going anywhere. We look at our friends and their relationships, and think we’re surely doing something wrong.

Why aren’t we as happy as them? Why do we feel unsure about our relationship?

These are just a handful of signs that you’re probably dating the wrong guy.

1. He doesn’t respect you and your opinions.
If your boyfriend treats you like his possession rather than his partner, he is absolutely wrong for you. Respect towards each other and respecting the opinions of each other is very important for any relationship.

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2. Neither gives you time, nor space.
This is understandable that your boyfriend cannot be available for you 24/7, specially if he is working. But it is not acceptable if he has a problem with you hanging out with your friends.

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3. You keep running out of things to talk about
If the relationship isn’t going to last, then you have probably already run out things to talk about. In a healthy, long lasting relationship, you can chat away to each other all day long and there will never be any awkward silences.

4. You never seem to go out on dates
A relationship won’t go the distance, if you never do fun things together. Most people want more than a night in with a TV dinner, so if you never go out to places, just the two of you together, then you could well be wasting your time with this one.

5. You haven’t been introduced to his friends, or his family
If a guy has any intentions of making this a serious relationship, then he is at least going to have to introduce you to his parents. If you have no idea who his friends are and if you haven’t yet met the parents, then perhaps he doesn’t see you as becoming a permanent fixture after all.

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6. You do not agree on fundamental issues
If you strongly disagree with each other on fundamental things like religion, morals or politics, then that could be a recipe for a future disaster. You might be able to bite your tongue at first, but will you be able to do that forever?

7. You are doing all the running
Are you the one that initiates everything? If you have to push the relationship along and you are the one that has to suggest meeting ups or going on a date, then that doesn’t show a lot of enthusiasm for the relationship on his part. It could be that he simply doesn’t have the courage to tell you that he wants to end it and then, you really will be wasting your time.

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8. He still sees his ex
Being polite and civil to your ex is one thing, but if your guy seems to run round to help his ex, at the drop of a hat, then you are wasting your time with him. This is a guy who is not over his ex at all and he would go running back to her, in an instant if he could.

9. You are not a priority
If a relationship is going to be a good one, then you both need to get your priorities right. Everyone has the right to a life outside of the relationship, but you should still be his first priority. If you don’t feel that you are his priority, then, perhaps he’s not taking you seriously enough for this to be a lasting relationship.

10. He insist on keeping the relationship secret.
There is a difference between privacy and secrecy. Keep your relationship private, without keeping your partner a secret.


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