10 women designers working in fashion

Fashion is the purest expression of art


Fashion much like art is subjective; its beauty lies in the eyes of its beholder and its character is influenced by its creator/artist.

Although never elevated to the status of paintings, fashion is something we engage with daily. It is art we wear every day and its purest expression.

The Kenyan fashion scene might not be as big as it is in some parts of the world but we still have our share of amazing designers. Here are 10 women designers you should be aware of.

Sally Karago

Sally is a five-time award-winning international fashion designer and the founder of Mcensal School of Fashion and Design. Her designs are bold but comfortable.

Wambui Mukenyi

Wambui is a self-taught designer and the founder of the label Wambui Mukenyi. Her designs are a reflection of the sophisticated Nairobi women who shop from her.

Adele Dejak

Adele designs handcrafted jewellery and everything from wearable bags, necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets to exclusive home decor items.

Theresia Kyalo

Theresia Kyalo is a Kenyan jewellery designer and artist based in Nairobi. She was recently in the news because her work featured on Beyonce’s website under the Black-owned businesses directory.

Vivienne Taa

Vivienne Taa heads a leading label renowned for bold, edgy and glamorous bespoke pieces. Her unique designs intricately blend African prints with contemporary fabric of different colours and texture into a new form of art. She designs for both men and women. Late last year Vivienne was featured on Fashion TV.

Patricia Mbela

Patricia is the founder of the Poisa fashion label. She creates fashionable garments for both men and women, complimenting the garments with unique jewellery.

Wambui Kibue

Wambui is the founder and creative director at the Angelsmile House of Design.

Aulgah Nato

Aulgah’s designs scream high fashion with flair. Her creations are meant to accentuate a woman’s delicate curves no matter her size, giving her confidence. Aulgah has showcased her designs on both local and international runways.

Anyango Mpinga

Anyango is the founder of the label Anyango Mpinga which is renowned for its designs with bold print and androgynous aesthetic.

Azra Walji

Walji has showcased her designs in various places including Nigeria during the Lagos Fashion Week last year. Walji’s designs embody a variety of concepts all which make her creations edgy and cool with a look that can only be described as elegant.


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