Wanderlust Africa

The continent of Africa is filled with the most diverse cultures, wildlife and landscapes

The list of things you can do in Africa as a tourist is endless and extraordinary. If wishes were horses, here are the African attractions we would experience:

1. The great migration in Kenya/Tanzania.

Lac Rose: Welcome to Lake Retba | Afro Tourism

Every year, millions of wildebeests accompanied by hundreds of thousands of Zebras make their way back and forth from the Serengeti in Tanzania to the Mara in Kenya. This wonder of the world is of such great magnificence and is a must-see.

2. Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe

Biggest African Waterfall Victoria Falls at 24-year-Low - Bloomberg

This is one of the world’s most majestic water spectacles located at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The falls spray from a height 108 metre a width of 1,798 metres, and a depth of 12,800 cubic metres per second.

3. Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

Pyramids of Giza: Attractions, Tips & Tours | PlanetWare

These are three pyramids that are considered the oldest wonder of the seven wonders of the world. They were built by hand around 2,560 BC out of 2.5 million blocks of limestone and granite.

4. Lake Malawi in Malawi.

Top 23 beautiful places to visit in Africa (with pictures ...

This is the 9th largest lake in the world and contains more species of fish than any other lake in the world. It spans an area of 29,600 square kilometres. You can enjoy ferry rides on the lake.

5. Jemaa el-Fnaa in Morocco

File:Maroc Marrakech Jemaa-el-Fna Luc Viatour.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

This is one of the most famous shopping destinations in the world. It is a market located in the heart of the Marrakesh with the vastest kinds of stalls. From food and handcrafted goods stalls to Heena painters and snake charmer, all topped off with dancing gigs and musicians.

6. Robben Island in South Africa.

Robben Island Museum booking system hamstrings tour operators ...

This is one of the most beautiful destinations in South Africa with such a rich history. It is where former president of South Africa and freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years. The island is also home to a large colony of penguins and seals.

7. Lake Retba (Lac Rose) in Senegal.

Lac Rose: Welcome to Lake Retba | Afro Tourism

This is one major unusual lakes in the world due to its vivid pink colour. Its pink colour is caused by the Dunaliella salina bacteria, which is attracted by the lake’s salt content. The bacteria produces a red pigment in order to absorb the sunlight, thus giving the lake its unique colour. the vibrancy of the lake is especially visible during the dry season.

8. Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda.

What you need to know about mountain gorillas | The New Times | Rwanda

Specifically, in Nyungwe National Park, this isolated region is home to mountain gorillas. There are only about 1,000 mountain gorillas in the world and about half of them live here. One glimpse of this species and the image remains with you forever.




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