Govt implementing policies to bring down electricity cost

The Ministry of Energy is implementing policies that will bring down the cost of electricity in the country.

These measures include switching to renewable energy, modernizing the country’s energy infrastructure and reducing system inefficiencies.

Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter has said the government plans to switch off all thermal power plants in the next ten years.

Despite concerted efforts by the government and the private sector to invest in cheap sources of energy, manufacturers continue to complain about energy cost in the country which accounts for almost 40 percent of production cost.

The cost of the commodity has dropped from a high of 15 shillings per kilowatt hour to the current 8 shillings per kilowatt hour.

Energy CS has said the ministry still runs thermal power plants in Mombasa and Kisumu which is very expensive compared to other forms of energy. 

He said running and management of these thermal power plants has proved expensive although they are working on ways to regulate it.

Keter has also disclosed that the government will soon be commissioning some substations in Kwale and Kilifi counties to stabilize energy distribution.

The Energy Senate Committee Chair Ephraim Maina questioned the hefty bills that Kenyans continue to receive from KPLC and the cabinet secretary reiterated that the ministry was working round the clock to bring down the costs.

Thermal power plants which rely on oil, diesel and kerosene generators are the most expensive source of power in excess of 20 shillings per unit of electricity produced and injected into the national grid. 

The percentage of thermal energy has dropped from 30 percent in 2013 to the current 8 percent according to ministry of energy data.



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