Black Gzas:urgent message in my new album is about finding myself


In the title track to his forthcoming album ‘Key Black-G’,  Black Gzas raps ‘‘ wanajiuliza ka nlipita nlipata wapi key hustler born vita battle mind for free’’ stating his desire for success and mystery of it.

The song laced on a trendy beat is from Black Gzas’ fourth album ‘Ikulu Key Black G’,   one of the four singles set for release purposely to invite scrutiny of his lyrical growth .

‘’All my previous albums I have released them in a similar way, at a go, which I feel denies a fan  the experience of really knowing who I am as an artist so it’s better to invite them to my journey as well because it will make me grow as an artist as well, and the release of the singles from the album gives fans an opportunity to understand me the artist   ‘’Black Gzas remarked.

The next four months will see the rapper release four singles before the launch of the 15 track album the UkooFlaniMaumau luminary says has urgent message of self awareness.

‘’ The urgent message is about finding myself in a way that anyone can relate with as a far  as knowing how the world works in terms of business and how to achieve their vision reach their goal and level of achievement they want to attain’’, Black Gzas says.

The  hip hop rapper who honed his skills with MauMau Camp in two noughts has three albums under his belt;  Black Gzas Mixtape {2006} Spirit of the Game {2013} Ndio Hao {2017}.

Ukooflani Maumau members from L-R:Labalaa,Mc Kah,Grongi,Black Gzas,Roba Mwenyeji and Zakah.Black Gzas belonged to ‘Moshi Kali’Clique under Mau Mau Camp .

He also featured in UkooFlani Maumau’s 2004 ‘Kilio Cha Haki’ Album, Dandora Burning {2005} and Africa Rise Up-an album that brought together rappers from France,Rwanda,Uganda,Tanzania and Kenya.

Black G zas Discography

Albums: Black Gszas Mixtape{2006},Spirit of the game {2013}, Ndio Hao{2017}, Ikulu Key Black G {Set for release}

Collaborative Albums:Kilio Cha Haki [Sefwe] 2004,Dandora Burning [Dburning} 2005, East Africa Rise Up Mixtape 2007,Rising Spirits Connection 2010


Black Gzas released ‘Story’ as the first single from his forthcoming fourth album ‘Ikulu Key Black G’

Singles as Moshi Kali:Ushapotea Cheza na sisi


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