19 Senators vow to shoot down proposed revenue sharing formula

Senators drawn from Arid and Semi-Arid counties have vowed to shoot down the proposed revenue sharing formula among the 47 counties.

The lawmakers argue implementation of the formula will result in significant disparities in the allocation of revenue to counties.

The Senators also took issue with the proposal by the Finance and Budget Committee to reduce budgetary allocations to Nairobi and Mombasa Counties by reviewing downward provisions for urban services from 5% to 4%.

19 Senators drawn from arid and semi-arid regions are alleging a scheme to financially marginalize frontier counties.

The lawmakers accuse some of their colleagues of attempting to subvert the law to unfairly increase budgetary allocation to some counties at the expense of other devolved units.

According to the aggrieved Senators, the contentious formula is an improvement on the one proposed by the Commission on Revenue Allocation that emphasizes key parameters of distribution as health 20%, population 17%, agriculture 12% and poverty 15%.

If adopted some the biggest losers will be Mandera County with an expected reduction of Ksh 2 billion, Wajir County Ksh 1.4 billion while Kwale and Kilifi would lose Ksh 1.2 and 1.1 billion shillings respectively.

The lawmakers argue that article 217 of the constitution mandates the Senate to determine the basis for equitable sharing of revenue among county governments.

They, however, expressed concern of a well-orchestrated plan to irregularly force through the contentious formula arguing that marginalized counties will continue to be financially starved.


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