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2024 Spring Festival Gala ‘dragon’ theme and logo unveiled


China Media Group (CMG) unveiled the official theme and logo for the 2024 Spring Festival Gala on Saturday ahead of the upcoming Year of the Dragon in February 2024.

The logo of the Spring Festival Gala uses the character “龘,” meaning “the soaring of the dragons,” as the main visual symbol. The chosen character is a metaphor to depict the thriving 1.4 billion Chinese people, as the dragon has evolved into a spiritual symbol and totem for the Chinese people over thousands of years.

Inspired by an ancient Chinese seal script style, the design is solemn, balanced, upright and symmetrical, highlighting a cultural atmosphere that is grand and vigorous.

Designed by Gu Yongjiang, who is the logo designer for China’s lunar exploration program and planetary exploration project, the seal logo for the gala is also styled with a metallic, golden luster which looks like a chip – bridging the past and the present to the future from an ancient Chinese character to cutting-edge modern technology.

The Spring Festival Gala hosted by CMG has been an essential part of the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration since 1983. The gala includes songs, dance, comic sketches, opera and folk arts.

The annual spectacle, known as the most-watched television show in the world, is broadcast on the eve of the Chinese New Year, when families come together to ring in the new lunar year.

The 2024 Spring Festival Gala will air on Spring Festival Eve, which falls on February 9, 2024.

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