24 Filling stations selling adulterated fuel demolished

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) says it has so far demolished 24 filling stations for selling adulterated fuel in the in the local market in the  ongoing crackdown that started in July this year.

The commission said that between July and September period, 4,456 tests were conducted at 675 petroleum sites.

In statement, ERC stated that from the tests, 637 sites were compliant but tests from 38 stations turned out to be non-compliant.

“During the period July – September 2018, a total of 4,456 tests were conducted at 675 petroleum sites (including illegal petroleum sites). From the tests, 38 sites turned out to be non-compliant,” the ERC said.

Out of the non-compliant stations, 24 sites were demolished and suspects prosecuted in court, six stations were closed.  The commission said three sites were reopened after the owners paid fines.

Four trucks were also impounded and one truck released. ERC is now calling on motorists to report to the commission should they experience jerking, excessive smoke from the exhaust, loss of engine power and engine stalls after fueling.

They were also advised to obtain receipts or retain SMSs for mobile payment as evidence of purchase.

The Energy Regulatory Commission is mandated under Section 95 of the Energy Act 2006 to monitor petroleum products offered for sale in the local market with the aim of preventing motor fuel adulteration or dumping of export bound fuels.



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