3 Common Detox Myths, Busted

By Women’sHealth

Any time we over-indulge, abuse our body with alcohol or have to get ‘bikini ready’ in weeks, we dream of a quick fix – that’s where detoxes come in.

While there’s nothing wrong with putting a stop to some of those bad habits, there are few myths about the all-powerful effects of a detox – time to bust them.

1.Certain liquid diets can push out toxins 

Nope. No fad diet can eliminate harmful invaders faster than your built-in clean-up crew (the liver, kidneys, and colon). “The best ‘cleansing’ strategy is a proper diet, regular exercise, and not smoking,” says Stephen Dahmer, M.D.

2.Drinking loads of water detoxes the body 

H2O hydrates the liver and kidneys and encourages toxins to leave the body via urination. However… guzzling excessively in the name of detoxing can be just plain dangerous.

Symptoms of “water intoxication” include headache, fatigue, vomiting, and mental disorientation. “Drink nine eight-ounce glasses of water spaced throughout the day,” says Connie Diekman, R.D.

3.Heavy sweating can expel toxins 

It’s true that a small amount of toxins can leave the body via perspiration, but keep this in mind: “Very heavy sweating can impair the body’s natural detox system, making it less efficient,” says Dahmer.

You’ll do more detoxing in the bathroom than you ever could in a sauna, he adds.





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