A woman’s handbag is something of a world wonder


Look, we’ve all heard the rumours, the jokes and we’ve seen the memes. A woman’s handbag is something of a mystery. Rumour has it that you can find almost anything in a woman’s handbag, so we asked all the women in our office to empty their bags; here’s what we found. 23 might shock you.

KBC Radio_KICD Timetable
  1. Lip balm

This should come as no surprise because almost everyone has a small tube of lip balm in their bag.

2. Lipstick/Lip gloss

You never know when you need to go to a fancy event or just to refresh the one you have on.

3. Mosquito Repellent

No one wants a mosquito bite to ruin their day or night.

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4. Sunscreen

With highs of 24ºC, it doesn’t hurt to have sunscreen in your bag.

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5. A small pack of tissues

Sniffles or tears might hit at any time.

6. Face mist

When you need to give your face the glow it needs to get through the day.

7. Change of shoes

When the going gets tough, the heels go back in the bag and the flats come out.

8. Mini Napkin

We have no idea why this was in her bag and neither does she!

9. A small bottle of perfume

Sometimes you just need to keep body odour away.


10. Wet wipes

There are many ways to use wet wipes, for your hands, for food mishaps, to remove your makeup and the list goes on.

11. Portable hand and body lotion

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise.

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12. Earphones

Any time is music time.

13. Hairbrush

For when you need to detangle your hair during the day.

14. Manicure set

You can always get a small cute portable set to help take care of jagged nails when the need arises.


15. Painkillers

When you need to get through the day pain-free.

16. Mouthwash

Sometimes your mouth just needs a pick me up that gum just can’t deal with.

17. Nail polish

Chipped nails are an eyesore but chipped nail polish is worse. No one wants to walk around with chipped nail polish.

18. Portable battery

In an age where phones handle everything, some as important as bank transactions/Mpesa to minor things like catching up on social media, a portable battery is essential to have.

19. Pantyliners

When you need to feel moist free, fresh and clean throughout the day.

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20. Novel

It’s easier to get through a traffic jam or to wait for someone when you can get lost in another universe.


21. Water bottle

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

22. Notebook

Old school note taking still works for some people.

23. Menstrual suppressants 24. Condom 25. Vibrator

Let’s just say we’re ready for anything at any time.

26. Gum and sweets

A little bit of sugar goes a long way.

  1. A change of pantieswoman's

  2. A sachet of cocoa, coffee, a teabag and a jar of marmalade

Breakfast is vital specially if your mornings start extremely early.

  1. A box of tampons

Someone always needs one somewhere. Never a bad thing to have.

  1. Makeup kit

This is basically a bag containing everything that you need for a face beat.



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