8 Deodorant Habits To Stop Doing Immediately

By Diply.com

Most of us have been using deodorant and antiperspirant for so long that we just put it on in the morning and forget about it. It’s the kind of morning routine we can do without thinking, and probably without even turning on the lights.

But there’s more to what goes under our arms than we think. And we’re probably not getting as much out of our daily deodorizing as we could. Here are a few things most of us aren’t getting right — and a few more uses for that pit-stick than just swiping on before you head out the door!


  1. Not putting deodorant on after showering.

The longer you leave it, the more sweat you’re rubbing into your armpits. Deodorant is most effective when it’s applied to clean skin, so put it on as soon as you’ve toweled off.

  1. Not re-applying it.

Deodorant never lasts as long as you need it to. And just like after showering, before you re-apply it you should clean the area you’re applying it to so you’re not just rubbing it into a layer of sweat.

  1. Not knowing what you need.

If you have sensitive skin, don’t use deodorant with lots of chemicals. If you sweat a lot, use antiperspirant.

  1. Not matching your deodorant with other products.

If your deodorant smells mountain fresh while your shampoo is scented with apple blossoms, it can confuse noses and end up clashing. Try to use scents that are as similar as possible.

  1. Not applying antiperspirant before bed.

You would think that slathering your armpits right before facing your day would be ideal, but putting it on before bed, when you probably won’t sweat much, actually gives the antiperspirant a chance to clog your sweat-producing pores and build up your defenses.

  1. Using deodorant instead of showering.

Deodorant plays an important role, but it can only do so much. It can’t replace the cleaning effects of a good shower.

  1. Applying too much deodorant.

It’s only natural to want to mask your musk, but it’s easy to go too far. Some deodorants have harsh chemicals and in higher amounts can leave you with itchy underarms or even a rash.

  1. Applying it to your clothes.

Deodorant needs to go right on your skin, where you sweat, to work properly.


That said, deodorant is much more versatile than you might think. There are many places you can apply it other than your armpits…

  • Your legs.

Skin-tight jeans never really go out of fashion, but fitting into them can be a challenge. Lathering on a little deodorant can help you slide on your fashion favorites.

  • Your forehead.

Long-distance runners know that nothing is as irritating as sweat in your eyes. Rolling on a little antiperspirant can direct the sweat harmlessly away from your face — just remember to use an invisible antiperspirant so you don’t cover your forehead in white flakes.

  • The backs of your knees.

Anywhere on your body that skin meets skin will collect sweat and can get irritated. It’s easy to forget the backs of your knees until sweat starts pooling back there. Just a dab of deodorant back there will keep you fresh.

  • Under your boobs.

This has to be the least fun place to get sweaty, but it happens. Nobody will judge you for trying to keep that to a minimum with a spritz of deodorant.

  • On your heels.

Everybody loves new shoes — except for breaking them in. Reduce the friction and keep your feet blister-free with a layer of deodorant on your heels.

  • On your feet.

If you have stubbornly stinky feet, it’s probably caused by sweating. Just as with your armpits, putting deodorant on clean skin can help keep the stench down.

  • Between your thighs.

Getting out and active in the summer comes with a price in the form of thigh chafing. Once again, where skin contacts skin, you’re going to have irritation and sweat. Try a swipe of deodorant between your thighs to reduce friction.

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