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400 acres avocado farm opens in Naivasha

Avocado farming has received a major boast following the opening of one of the largest farms in Naivasha by an Israel investor.

The 400 acre Granot International farm in Ndabibi area of Naivasha is expected to employ over 1,000 workers with the number expected to triple in the next couple of years.

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This comes after the Israel government promised to partner with the country in increasing acreage under the produce and latest technology.

The farm CEO Giyora Merom said they would bring their 70 years’experience in avocado growing in the region.

Giyora termed the cost of production for the produce as conducive and cheap compared to their competitors in Peru, Chile and Spain.

He admitted that the cost of production was a universal issue which had been caused by climate change and the soaring fuel prices.

“We have invested millions of dollars in this project which we expect to offer employment opportunities and new market for the produce,” he said.

He said the farm had over 300,000 seedlings meant to help farmers with technology which would help increase yield as the product was high demand globally.

“The main challenge we are experiencing is the poor road network which is making it a problem to access the farm,” he said.

Israel Ambassador Michael Lotem identified the farm as one of the many agriculture projects supported by his government.

He said Israel in partnership with the Government and other stakeholders would be opening more farms in the country with a view of impacting knowledge to farmers.

Nakuru CEC for Agriculture Leonard Bor said the county was keen to increase acreage under avocado as this was their flagship produce.


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