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400 premises, 200 cartons of medicines seized in nationwide crackdown

The Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) has intensified efforts to combat illegal pharmaceutical activities with a nationwide operation targeting regulated entities.

Led by the PPB, the operation has conducted inspections at 400 premises and seized 200 cartons of medicines, part of a wider initiative to uphold regulatory standards and safeguard public health.

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Initiated in response to 25 Presidential Directives, the operation focuses on ensuring compliance with Good Distribution Practices.

In a statement Friday, PPB Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Fred Siyoi reaffirmed the Board’s commitment to maintaining industry integrity and citizen well-being.

To promote compliance and adherence, the Board has released a comprehensive list of registered pharmaceutical outlets, accessible through https://practice.pharmacyboardkenya.org/LicenseStatus?register=facilities

Dr. Siyoi urged the public to exercise caution when purchasing pharmaceuticals and to only buy from licensed and reputable sources.

Additionally, healthcare facilities handling pharmaceuticals are reminded to adhere strictly to proper disposal protocols and to report any suspicious activities to the board.

Dr. Siyoi advised all registered pharmaceutical practitioners to stay updated with regulatory provisions governing the prescription and dispensing of controlled medicines.

He emphasized the importance of compliance with these regulations to ensure the highest standards of patient care and safety.

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