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44,000 students benefit from 600 million shillings bursary in West Pokot

Students drawn from vulnerable families in West Pokot County have benefited from six hundred million shillings bursary disbursed by the county government as an affirmative action to ensure all students complete their studies.

West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin cited retrogressive like FGM, early marriages and gender inequality as having contributed to the region being left behind in development.

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According to Kachapin, those in boarding schools will receive 20,000 shillings while day scholars are set to be allocated 5,000 shillings each with those enrolled in tertiary institutions receiving 10,000 shillings.

The County government has also allocated 20 million shillings for infrastructure development in 40 schools comprising of 22 primary and 18 secondary schools to create a conducive environment within the learning institutions.

He however challenged school principals to be prudent in the use of the bursary urging them not to send home students for fees as the county has provided a huge boost for learners saying the allocation is the highest in the country with the county intent on mitigating the challenges faced by the region including insecurity.

He called the national government through the ministry of education to ensure all schools get their required share of development.

West Pokot County Commissioner Mohammed Khalif said the national government will ensure all Chiefs and Sub chiefs will be held accountable for any retrogressive practices within their areas of jurisdiction.

They spoke at Chewoyet National School during the launch of the bursary.

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