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4G network expansion drives up data consumption

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More than half of mobile data users used devices that are 4G enabled.

Latest Communications Authority of Kenya data indicates that 51.5pc of the total mobile data subscriptions used 4G devices.

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The rise in the number of 4G users in the country is on the backdrop of internet service providers racing to increase their network of 4G infrastructure.

The second quarter data from the CA covering October to December 2023 period indicates that 4G mobile network coverage in Kenya currently stands at 97pc compared to 98pc for 2G and 3G mobile network coverage.

The increased 4G infrastructure has also been embraced with a majority of Kenyans now using the network.

In addition, mobile data volumes consumed within the 4G network accounted for 82.7pc of total data volumes.

The CA report further indicates that the number of mobile sim subscriptions dipped 60 basis points during the months of October, November and December attributed to high churn vis-à-vis acquisitions especially of Telkom Kenya Limited.

According to the quarterly sector statistics CA report, Safaricom leads with 44 million mobile subscriptions followed by Airtel at 19.38 million subscriptions, Telkom Kenya with 1.34 million subscriptions, Equitel at 1.5 million subscriptions and JTL 498,068 subscriptions.

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