5 African comic books you can read right now

We don’t have to rely on the Marvel and DC universes anymore when looking for fantasy world entertainment. Africa comic books have been growing in  popularity over the last couple of years. We are now enjoying our own homemade content (that’s not Black Panther) and even have comic conventions.

If you are curious about what African comics have to offer, check these ones out:


The comic follows the life of Kenny, an albino who, in addition to being a loner and target practice for school bullies thanks to his hereditary lack of hair, skin and eye pigmentation and desire to focus on his education, has to deal with a witch doctor who’s obviously after his body parts for some nefarious purpose. Find it here.


Rovik, the main character is human with eerie red eyes and a beautifully bald head that will make Avatar Aang jealous. He’s partnered up with a lemar (whatever that is) that looks like a cross between a timid polar bear and a giant albino ape. Find it here.


The Moongirls world revolves around a world order of the Council of the SeTi. They who own most of the world’s wealth and power and decide the world’s rhythm, commerce, art, politics, religion, etc. The SeTi usurped control two thousand years ago and have since ruled with injustice. The Moongirls are four African Supersheroes who fight the physical and philosophical war. Find it here.


Based on an African Folk Tale, Olwatuuka follows a young boy who ventures into the underworld to destroy a demon that has terrorized the world and killed his family. The story unfolds to reveal the immense drama, action, and comedy as the world’s youngest hero tries to put an end to it all. Find it here.


Tatashe follows an eponymous, female protagonist as she encounters friendship and adventure on the mysterious food planet “Almonia.” Watch as she faces mythological creatures and trials. Each more obscure than the last. Whether alone, with her pet baby dragon or with new friends, she explores this fantastical planet in the hopes of finding the magic of food, the mysterious kingdom of Eden and her long lost master. Find it here.


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