5 Common Sleep Issues and How to Solve Them

It’s time to starting sleeping better!

Yes, you can wake up refreshed. Knowing how to handle your shut-eye habits will set you up for a restful night.

1 You Feel Both Tired and Wired

Your issue: “Exhausted” best sums up how you feel when you go to bed, yet your mind won’t stop racing: I have to get going on our family vacation plans. Hmm, when’s my turn to do soccer carpool again? Oh,wait, the plumber never did show up to fix the dripping sink—I need to call him. You toss and turn for hours, then feel drained in the morning.

Your fix: Give yourself a decent amount of time to wind down fully before you crawl into bed. “Think of your life as a dimmer switch, where you gradually ease yourself into sleep mode, rather than an on/off switch,” recommend Norah Simpson, PhD, clinical assistant professor in the department of psychiatry at Stanford University. “To help get into that mindset, try taking a warm bath or shower and reading a calming book—no thrillers or intense dramas!—that will put you in a sleepy frame of mind.”

2 You Wake Up Too Early

Your issue: You set your alarm for 6:45 a.m.—too bad you woke up an hour earlier. You feel groggy and tired, but you can’t drift back off. You sleep lighter in the early morning hours, so even moderate light and noise can wake you, such as chirps from a bird outside or the sound of a neighbor’s garage door opening.

Your fix: If this is a longtime issue, the truth is that your internal body clock may be set for early morning. Hint: Maybe it’s time to stop binge-watching Netflix till midnight so you can regularly fall asleep earlier. “You also want to minimize anything that’s even slightly disturbing,” says Frisca Yan-Go, MD, professor of neurology at the University of California, Los Angeles. Hang blackout curtains to limit early morning light peeping in, turn your phone to airplane mode before bedtime (or, better yet, charge it in another room) or sleep with silicone earplugs to shut out errant noises.


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