5 hot alcoholic drinks to keep you warm

Hot, creamy and boozy

Hot alcoholic
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With the curfew still in place, the rains and the cold that comes with it, maybe it’s time to get creative about your hot beverage of choice. 

We experimented with a few alcoholic drinks and mixed them with our favourite hot drinks so that you don’t have to. As such, here are a few hot alcoholic drinks to chase away the cold and keep your weekend exciting.

We named these drinks but if you can do better, give us a shout out here, here and here.

Team Kubwa

Ingredients: Cocoa powder, Cooking Chocolate, Cream Liqueur

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This your cup of cocoa with a twist. For a normal cup of cocoa, you’ll one teaspoon of cocoa, one piece of cooking chocolate and one shot of your choice of cream liqueur. To sweeten you can add syrup or honey.

You can add whipped cream or ice cream on the top for that extra foam.

Dawa concentrate

Ingredients: Ginger roots/powder, Lemon juice, vodka

Photo by Hans Vivek on Unsplash

Add a shot of vodka to a normal cup of dawa to add a kick to the spicy drink. Boil your ginger roots for 10 to 15 minutes. Once the ginger has seeped into the water, sieve the ginger water into a mug, add lemon juice from one lemon and one shot of vodka. Add syrup or honey to sweeten.


Ingredients: Coffee/Tea, rum

Photo by Michael C on Unsplash

This is for the lovers of black tea or coffee. Make a normal cup of black coffee or tea and add a shot of a rum of your choice. The rum’s natural sweetness will offset the acridity of the coffee or tea.

Chai fresh

Ingredients: Mint Tea, Tea, Mint leaves, Bourbon

Photo by Jonathan Pielmayer on Unsplash

If you have mint tea bags in the house, steep them in a cup of hot water and add a shot of bourbon. If not, you need to boil the tea and mint leaves, sieve into a cup and add your choice of bourbon. Add sugar if you need to.

Chai Irish

Ingredients: Tea/Coffee, Cream coffee sachet, Whiskey or Irish cream

Photo by Nicolas J Leclercq on Unsplash

If you’re using Irish cream, make a normal cup of black coffee or tea and add a shot of the Irish cream. To use the whisky, mix the cream coffee sachet in a cup of hot water then add a shot of whiskey. Add sugar to sweeten if you need to.


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