Over 50 people arrested in crackdown of illicit brews

Over 50 people were arrested and 10,000 litres of illicit brew seized in crackdown of sale and consumption of unlicensed liquor in Kitale, Trans-Nzoia County.

Officers led by Kitale Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) Jackson Mwenga raided drinking dens in Namanjalala and Folkland and arrested the consumers of the illicit brew among them being students.

During the operation that took several hours, the officers also impounded 20 rolls of bhang and arrested peddlers of the drug.

At Namanjalala, unruly villagers pelted the officers with stones and chased them away from the dens.

During the running battle between the officers and the consumers of the illicit brew, one officer was injured after being hit by a stone.

Six officers were forced to abandon the land cruiser they were using after they were overpowered by the villagers before another team of officers arrived and rescued the vehicle.

The resistance from the villagers forced the OCPD to call for more reinforcement from Endebess and Kiminini.

Folkland and Namanjalala areas are notorious in the sale and consumption of chang’aa and drug business.

Despite heavy fines imposed by courts on those arrested for selling and consuming illicit brew this has not deterred those involved in the vice.

Kiminini Member of Parliament Dr Chris Wamalwa is leading a campaign for the county assembly to legalize the consumption of busaa arguing that it is cheap and affordable.



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