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586 Kenyans ready for nursing jobs in Saudi

586 Kenyans have been processed for nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia.

Ministry of Labour Cabinet Secretary Florence Bore said the candidates who had met the qualifications were ready for further interviews awaiting travel.

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She added that the Nursing Council of Kenya has cleared them and have the requisite travel documents for the jobs.

In early January, the Ministry of Labour invited applicants to apply for 2,500 open jobs in the health sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a deal aimed at enhancing safe, regular, and productive labour migration between the two countries.

Those required to fill the vacancies were general nurses, personal assistants and healthcare assistant professionals.

Bore who appeared before the Diaspora Affairs and Migrant Workers Committee in the National Assembly chaired by Lydia Haika said only 1,765 applications ( 880 female and 885 male ) were received.

She was giving a brief on the Status of the current Bilateral Labour Agreements (BLA) and the status of nurses to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Through the pact, the country will be seeking to export more labour in the future.

Kenya has so far exported about 200,000 workers to the Gulf country both domestic and skilled workers.

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