Export market hard hit by plastic bag ban

Manufacturers of flat plastic bags used as primary packaging material have stopped manufacturing due to the recent plastic bag ban.

The ban which took effect on Monday last week has hit the export market hard.

Manufacturers claim they have not been licensed to produce the bags.

The plastic bag ban that came into effect on Monday last week has led to the closure of companies involved in manufacturing plastic bags.

Concerns have been raised that the plastic bags ban may hurt exports that are out of stock for packaging material after the ban on manufacture or importation of plastic bags.

Kenya Manufacturers’ Association spokesman Samuel Matonda says  exporters of horticultural produce are the hardest hit as they are unable to package their fresh produce for export.

Those involved in the export of fruits and vegetables are also affected after companies that were manufacturing plastic flat bags used in packaging closed down.

Butchers have not been spared, packaging meat, chicken, cheese and on a household level freezing food is a difficult task, consumers are asking for packaging material, yet the manufacturers have closed down.

The Kenya Association of Manufacturers says the ban will see 170 companies close, with around 60,000 jobs lost.

Before the ban, about 24 million plastic bags were used in Kenya monthly, with half of them ending up being littered around due to poor disposal practices.


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