7 comedy acts to watch on social media

These Kenyan comedians are funny, talented and entertaining.

They are churning the most hilarious content day in and out on social media and we love it. In fact they have played a big part is getting us through the Coronavirus pandemic.

Your social media experience shouldn’t just be about aesthetics, some of the best content actually comes from these comedians. Add on to your social media experience with these relatable, laughable, and down-to-earth comedy acts.

  1. Crazy Kennar

His skits are hilarious! He can turn any topic into a joke.

2. Mammito Eunice

Having come from the Churchill stage, she’s doing such a great job by herslef, recently amassing a following of over a million fans on

3. Flaqo

Flaqo deserves all the accolades. His content is so relatable and reminiscent. He does all the scripting and directing for the multiple characters he plays. Check out his IG.

4. Cartoon Comedian

The young lady popularly known as ‘Cartoon’ is the newest kid on the block and man is she funny! If you’ve heard the popular phrase “inaniaffect”, it’s from Cartoon. Check out her instagram: @cartoon.comedian

5. Njugush

He’s been around for about 5 years and has maintained being Kenya’s beloved funnyman. In fact he has just been nominated as one of Africa’s most influential youth.

6. Elsa Majimbo

She’s the quarantine breakout queen and has soared to unbelievable heights this year.


7. Henry Desagu

His Youtube Channel is a masterpiece and has over half a million followers on Instagram.



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