7 Simple Fashion Dos and Don’ts

By Shellmith Njeri

There are certain things we all do and wear that could use just a little bit of tweaking. You don’t even have to buy new clothes or accessories! You just need to know what works with your body because it is so important for you to feel confident in your own skin and clothes. Here’s a list of some fashion don’ts that are not fashionable, and some quick and easy ways to fix them!

  1. Combining black and brown or black and navy in an outfit
  • Don’t wear dark brown and black together, especially if the pieces of clothing or accessories are right next to each other. The colors do not complement each other, and it can look unflattering with the wrong pieces.
  • Do combine light tan or nude shoes with black and white stripes or a black dress or top. Tan shoes complement black and white stripes really nicely.
  1. Panty lines
  • Don’t wear see-through leggings and hot pink underwear. It might seem obvious, but even if you are positive that your leggings aren’t sheer, don’t wear your oldest granny panties with your tightest pair of leggings and a shirt that doesn’t cover things up.
  • Do wear underwear that won’t show through your leggings, like a thong or no-show panties from Victoria’s Secret if thongs aren’t your thing. Be proud of your booty!
  1. Showing your bra straps
  • Don’t wear a regular bra with a top that doesn’t cover them, like a funky backless top. It takes away from how hot that shirt makes you look! An exception to this is when your bra is a pretty color or made of lace, which means it’s probably meant to be seen.
  • Do wear a backless bra with backless tops. You can buy a device that brings your bra straps together, and some T-shirt bras have a handy clip already built in.
  1. Super tall high heels
  • Don’t buy heels that are uncomfortable and too high for you. You’ll have a bad night in Midtown, and you run the risk of breaking an ankle.
  • Do buy comfortable lower heels that still make your legs look rocking’. Sacrifice some inches to be comfortable and look confident.
  1. Clothes that are too small
  • Don’t continue to wear those denim shorts that stopped fitting you a year ago. There’s nothing wrong with going up a size if the clothes are going to fit you better. Don’t buy shirts that are too small and show off all your insecurities just to get a shirt in a smaller size.
  • Do buy clothes that fit your body right and make you look awesome. Donate the clothes that don’t fit you anymore, or save them for motivation to lose weight if you want to.
  1. Crop tops and low-rise jeans
  • Don’t show off your entire stomach to Midtown. Yes, your body looks great, but it’s not be the best look for going out.
  • Do continue to wear crop tops and low-rise jeans – just not together. Crop tops look great with high-waisted shorts, and low-rise jeans look great with flowy, or at least longer, tops.
  1. No contrast in an outfit
  • Don’t wear red shorts with a red top because it doesn’t match. Monochrome is a look best left to the runways.
  • Do wear contrasting tops and bottoms, like dark-wash jeans and a lighter top. Contrast always looks good in outfits, and it makes each piece really pop. You can wear black on black, but you need to find the right black that matches.

It is a good thing to be a supporter of body positivity and girls supporting one another. These are seven easy ways to look and feel confident in the body you already have! All of these simple tips take less than five minutes to change right before you go out, and maybe you’ll pass the wealth of knowledge on to your friends. These tips will help you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own body, regardless of what you’re wearing.


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