7 Ways to Embrace Your Natural Hair


With so many African-American women like Kerry Washington and Jada Pinkett Smith embracing their natural kinks and coils, it seems like the natural hair movement is on the rise. A common misconception about natural hair is that basically every hairstyle is the same – a poof here and a twist out there.

Luckily, for all the new naturals out there, we’ve whipped out our collection of natural hairstyles that are unique and perfect for any occasion. Try them out if you’re looking for more ways to appreciate your natural hair.

  1. Heatless Curls

Yes, you read that correctly—it’s actually possible to achieve flawless curls without using heat! Check out the tutorial below by My Natural Sistas.

    2. The Bantu Knot Out

A bantu knot out is another way you can give yourself curls and body without having to worry about the heat damage from a curling iron. “One thing that’s really important to me and a lot of other naturals is staying away from heat as long as I possibly can,” says Amber, a junior at Columbia University. “I like bantu knots because if I make them tight enough, it makes my hair look shiny and almost like I curled it using a flatiron.”

3. The Hair Bow

This one’s a little complex, but it’s not as hard to pull off as it looks. It’s a unique take on a classic high bun that’s wearable for any occasion. Check out this tutorial by YouTube user Razorempress to see how it’s done.

4. The Side-Swept Braid

This style takes the simple braided crown updo and gives it a little twist. “Styles like this are actually easier for me to manage when I don’t feel like twisting my hair out at night,” Amber says. “I can just put this look together in way less time than it would take me to do a whole twist out.”

We love this tutorial from Loxa Beauty:

  • Use a comb to part a large section off for your first braid. Put the rest of your hair in a ponytail.
  • Starting in the corner of the front section, start braiding downwards and across.
  • Braid your hair all the way to the end.
  • Begin braiding the other side.
  • Once both braids are finished, grab the front braid and wrap it around your hair, pinning it to the other braid. Leave the other braid down.

5. The Classic Pompadour

Channel your inner Janelle Monáe with this classic updo. This style is simple and easy and can be done on short or medium-length natural hair. For the visual learners, here’s a video tutorial from My Natural Sistas.

6. The Pineapple

Though this style is better known as a style that most naturals wear to bed at night, it can actually be worn on any occasion. It’s cute, fun and great for those winter mornings when you’d rather spend more time in your bed than in front of a mirror trying to perfect your appearance.

7. The Frohawk

This style, which is a combination between an Afro and a Mohawk, will definitely turn some heads. Whenever you want to spice up your hairstyle, a frohawk is definitely the way to go.

“I usually just wear my fro most of the time because of how convenient it is,” says Brittany, a junior at the University of Georgia. “My hair can be so annoying and difficult to deal with that just wearing it out like that is like a built-in statement piece. I can say something with my hair without actually trying.”


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