8 Husbands Share the Moment They Knew Their Girlfriend Was Wife Material

From: Redbook 

There were no doubts about puttin’ a ring on it.???

Yeah, yeah, we know—every guy is different. And of course what he looks for in a wife is going to be, well, different. But after talking to a bunch of our married male friends, we realized they all have one thing in common: They are all romantics at heart.

So we got them gushing about the precise moment they knew their partners were the one. Some of their answers are expected, others are not, and a few are just damn surprising (and even include….poop).

“Linda always made time for us, no matter how busy her day was and the fact that there were six kids to take care of—that was one of the first signs. But the biggest memory was when she showed me that she loved me for who I was, not who I wasn’t. She’s a big skier, and she took me out on the slopes for the first time. I fell and didn’t know how to get up. Instead of getting frustrated with me, she laughed, took out her phone and snapped a picture. Then she very bluntly told me to roll over and stand up. It sounds simple, but that was a moment of true love for me, and 13 years later she’s still the Ethel to my Fred (there’s an I Love Lucy reference for you).” —Ed Belden, Dolgeville, New York

“When we first started dating, Molly was a schoolteacher and I was floored by the amount of time she spent outside of the classroom with her kids. She’d spend all day teaching, and then after school she coached lacrosse, helped with the drama club, and worked with kids at the YMCA. Seeing that—and then watching her work at a home for elderly people, and with children that have special needs—I was blown away by the amount of time and effort she devotes to others, and the care and patience she has with kids. It made me realize she would be the perfect mother to my children.” —Adam DeSantis, Bristol, Connecticut


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