Theresia Kyalo features under Beyonce’s “Black Parade” black-owned business directory


Theresia Kyalo is a Kenyan jewellery designer and artist based in Nairobi. She was recently in the news because her work featured on Beyonce’s website under the Black-owned businesses directory.

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Amidst the rise in protests for #Blacklivesmatter, Beyonce released a song called “Black Parade” and under its backdrop, the legendary musician sought to support black-owned businesses. Kyalo’s jewellery was one of the businesses that featured on Beyonce’s website.

Here are a few other things you should know about Theresia Kyalo.

  1. It’s not uncommon for people to study one thing and then find their passion in something entirely different; She studied law and holds a degree but works entirely in Jewellery.


2. She is a versatile artist who works with textile, paper, film, brass and metal.

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3. Her Jewellery pieces are often presented with visual stories

4. And each piece often has a rich story behind it.

5. Theresia’s jewellery pieces explore and are often moulded with Kenyan and African cultures in mind.

6. Kyalo has exhibited her work alongside brands such as Adele Dejak and Made with Love.

7. She collaborates with other artists in her work.

8. Theresia is also a line artist. Line art is the practice of drawing art that consists of distinct straight and curved lines.


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