You can now realize your dream of having relaxed hair that grows long and stays stays strong no matter the style, courtesy of Bond pHorce.


Last week, we talked about Mizani, the game changer for African hair and today, we will be discussing their newest (and probably greatest) hair technology, called Bond pHorce.

Bond pHorce

What is Bond pHorce? Bond pHorce is the new relaxer service offered by Mizani as the solution for strong and healthy hair after a relaxer service.

How is this achieved? With a unique blend of Maleic and citric acids, Bond pHorce helps stop the breaking of hair’s disulfide bonds immediately and efficiently, preventing hair from being over-processed and damaged. The hair has a pH balance of about 4.5-5, but when chemicals are added to it, it rises to a 12 or 13! This is what causes processed hair to remain weak and damaged. Bond pHorce addresses this issue by returning your hair to its required pH balance. This technology brings your hair instantly back into its ideal zone where hair is healthiest, strongest and shiniest.

Bond pHorce provides a variety of texture services which include:

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  • Relaxer pHorce: Relaxes and protects your hair from breakage while providing the straight hair look.
  • Texturizer pHorce: Loosens your curls for a shiny, bouncy and easy natural look.
  • Transition pHorce: Softens and protects your transitioning hair for greater manageability.
  • Braids and Weaves pHorce: Protects and strengthens your relaxed hair before braiding and weaving.
  • Deep treatment pHorce: Restores and repairs your hair with the ultimate care for relaxed hair.

Stylists can now fulfill their clients needs by allowing them to change their hairstyles as often as they want without compromise, while the clients can fulfill theirs by having the confidence to transform themselves comfortably.


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