9 Things You’ll Regret in 10 Years



Week after week passes by in constant fuss, and behind all of this we often miss the most important things. Yet it can take years to understand this. Years we could spend quite differently, with greater benefits.

Bright Side discovered the things people often regret as well as pieces of advice on how to avoid it.

Engaged in a destructive relationship

Many people are engaged in a destructive relationship because they’re afraid of being alone. Yet dozens of years later it becomes clear that it’s better to be alone than to live with a person who brings a lot of disappointment, pain, and offenses.

In the cycle of work and home duties, many of us pay very little attention to our loved ones. Unfortunately, we often understand this at a tragic time: children grow up and start an independent life, warm relationships with spouses disappear, something tragic happens to parents.

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 Wasted a lot of time
 Led an unhealthy lifestyle
 Spent little time traveling

Few of us don’t dream about traveling. Yet the desire to travel with comfort or our responsibilities stop people from this quite often. Yet comfort is not the most necessary thing, and you’ll always have urgent things to do, so…

 Worked too much

Most often people do so if they have no other values. Work is important, but don’t forget to relax from time to time.

Stopped learning new things
 Having a job they hate

We often continue to work in a place we hate only because of our own indecisiveness and unwillingness to leave our comfort zone. Yet if we don’t risk and change something in our lives, we can simply fade away in a job we’re not interested in.

 Dreamed too much but took little action

If you don’t take any steps to make your desires come true, everything will remain just a fantasy. If you wait for the perfect conditions for all your life, you may never have a chance.

Illustrator Mariya Zavolokina for BrightSide.me


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