A look at the world’s most expensive burger

The priciest burger in the world should still be eaten using your hands.

The world’s most expensive burger was created at a Netherlands restaurant by chef Robbert Jan de Veen and has been named The Golden Boy. Ironically, the need to do so was inspired by the world’s current state of poverty and neediness. Restauranter Robbert was feeling bad about seeing the sufferings of the masses and the dismal situation of the restaurant industry that has been catalysed by the COVID-19 pandemic. It was then that the idea popped in his head and he decided to create the world’s most expensive burger and donate the entire income to charity to do good for the society.

The Golden Boy has sold at a whopping $5,964 (KSH 644, 708) breaking a world record. “Breaking a world record has been a childhood dream of mine and it feels amazing,” says Robbert. So what exactly are the ingredients that make it so pricey? The burger includes Japanese Wagyu beef, Alaskan king crab, white truffle, beluga caviar, duck egg mayonnaise, Dom Pérignon champagne and the burger bun is covered in gold leaf. It took Robbert nine hours to make it, after which he named it ‘The Golden Boy’.

It’s not even as large as you might imagine; just regularly big. “Even though this burger is extremely costly, you should still use your hands because that is the only way to eat a burger,” said Robbert. The coolest bit about it might be that your fingers will be left covered n gold dust after holding it due to the gold leaf on the buns.


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