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A new pact to boost climate change training in Africa

The collaboration aims to address the growing importance of renewable energy

The Toolkit Skills & Innovation (TTI), the Wangari Mathai Foundation, and the World Resources Institute (WRI) have joined forces in a new partnership to empower African youth with climate change solution skills.

The collaboration aims to address the growing importance of renewable energy and the need to equip African youth to tap into the climate change space.

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Currently, the continent lacks a sufficient number of skilled solar technicians and often relies on foreign experts.

This partnership seeks to bridge that gap and train over a million youth across Africa within the next 10 years.

Dubbed ‘Skilling Africa’s Youth for Sustainable Climate Solutions,’ the training initiative will initially be launched in Kenya and is set to expand to other African countries over the next five years.

The Toolkit Skills & Innovation (TTI), as the implementing organization, will provide the necessary training infrastructure to facilitate the skilling of selected youth across the country.

The first cohort aims to train over 47,000 youth, with the training program consisting of theoretical instruction, practical sessions, and an industrial attachment. Upon completion, graduates will be deployed to various sectors of the economy.

The comprehensive training will cover critical areas such as the green economy, solar energy, agribusiness, climate change capacity, and climate change technology.

Ms Njeri Kabereri, CEO of the Wangari Mathai Foundation, emphasizes the urgency of equipping young Africans with the knowledge and skills to tackle the substantial threats posed by climate change.

The current generation and future generations will bear unexpected costs if action is not taken promptly. Despite being responsible for only 3pc of greenhouse gas emissions, Africa remains one of the primary victims of climate change.

The partnership between TTI, the Wangari Mathai Foundation, and WRI aims to transform climate challenges into opportunities by creating green jobs for the youth and women in Africa. It is essential for the continent to focus on producing its own experts and specialists who can contribute to climate action on a larger scale.

Mrs. Wanjira Mathai, Director of the World Resources Institute (WRI), highlights the need to address the challenges faced by African youth, such as skills gaps, limited access to climate finance, and a lack of mentorship and networking platforms.

The majority of African youth with the potential to become key players in transformative climate solutions currently lack adequate climate-focused education and opportunities for active engagement in the discourse.

Recent data from the United States Treasury reveals that the green economy generated $13 billion in revenue and created 9.5 million full-time jobs in the past year alone.

Africa can benefit from the successful experience of the United States in creating green jobs, particularly as these jobs offer 70pc higher wages than traditional occupations.

The US Government is actively encouraging private sector investments in the green economy through regulations that favor sustainable investments.

President Biden’s commitment to a green economy, including initiatives in electric vehicles and renewable energy, sets a positive example for African countries.

The Toolkit Skills & Innovation (TTI) is a digitally innovative social enterprise in Africa that focuses on providing training to youth in life and employability skills, technical skills, and digital skills.

This new partnership marks a significant step towards equipping African youth with the necessary tools to address climate change and contribute to sustainable development.

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