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Death toll from Lake Baringo tragedy rises to 7

Rescuers retrieve six bodies

Photos by Joshua Chesire

The death toll in the Lake Baringo boat tragedy has risen to seven after rescuers retrieved six more bodies.

The ill-fated vessel, carrying 23 high schoolers and grade 8 students, was en route to Kokwa Island for a church service when it capsized Sunday afternoon.

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A multi-agency response team, including the Kenya Red Cross, community members, and marine guards has been combing the lake waters for the missing passengers for the last three days.

According to the Baringo County commissioner divers discovered the bodies at 6.30 am around Kokwa Island while they were on the third day of the search mission.

Pastor Jane Kakenyi of the Revival Church in Kabukoki is yet to come to terms with the loss of her three children who were part of the mission. Her son was however among the 16 who survived the accident.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the boat which should carry a capacity of eight people capsized due to overloading.

Harrowing ordeal

Survivors recounted the harrowing ordeal of sudden turbulence, a disabled propeller, and a frantic struggle for safety.

The situation worsened when the boat’s propeller became entangled in a fishing net, rendering it powerless to navigate the choppy waters. Panic surged as some passengers, fearing the increasingly rough water, jumped into the lake. This unexpected shift in weight destabilized the vessel, causing it to capsize.

Amidst screams and chaos, a nearby boat emerged as a lifeline for 16 passengers who were pulled to safety.

At the mortuary where the bodies are preserved, emotions ran high as parents identified their kids with one parent, Pastor Jane Lekikenyi losing three children and his brother.

Kenya Red Cross and church leaders offered psychosocial support to the victims even as plans to inter the seven victims including a 30-year-old woman began.


Photos by Joshua Chesire

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