Attractions in Murang’a county, at the foot of the Aberdare range, provide a beautiful natural roller coaster

Gacharageini in Murang’a County borders one of Kenya’s key water towers. The area is perfect for your meditation sessions, bonding sessions and camping. The sites and sounds of the rivers, ponds and the Aberdare mountains are mesmerizing and intoxicating in equal measure.

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river Mathioya

Here, there is an availability of African-themed cottages on well trimmed grounds overlooking the rolling fields of Murang’a. The Aberdare Cottages & Fishing Lodge is purely a romantic countryside retreat. Situated in the most exquisite settings, the lodge overlooks the roaring Mathioya River against the backdrop of the Aberdare Mountains at her highest peak. The spectacular views made of the Mathioya River, the small scale tea farms and there interlocking valleys and ridges make this place one of the most sought after locations. “This is a centre for peace and relaxation. That’s what we stand for” – Zack Gichane, Director of Aberdare Cottages.

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Available activities to pursue here include hiking, mountain biking, and picnicking. River Mathioya which is greatly cuts across this region is a reputable venue for sports tourism; You can engage in boat riding, kayaking, canoeing and majorly, fly fishing. The sport is fishing with a rod and line, and an artificial lightweight lure made to imitate fish prey.

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