The 13-part Showmax Original series written by Abel Mutua and directed by Philip Karanja, Untying Kantai, is set to begin streaming on Showmax on May 9.

The two are the well-known Philit Productions team behind the Kalasha-winning comedy Sue na Jonnie and AMVCA-winning films A Grand Little Lie and Click Click Bang

Denise Kibisu serves as the producer of the series.

The series follows a man who stumbles on a lucrative but illegal business opportunity, and against his better judgement, dives headfirst into a world of danger and deceit. 

The main character King Kantai is a man who has spent 30 years working hard to provide for his family, only to be conned out of his life savings. 

In the thick of his mid-life crisis, fate throws him a curveball in the form of a truckload of antipsychotic drugs worth millions.

With the weight of regret and misery on his shoulders, Kantai is faced with a life-changing decision: turn the drugs over to the authorities and live with his past mistakes, or take a chance and sell them to secure his family’s future. 

Kantai chooses the latter, putting his life and his family at great risk.

Speaking about directing the series Mr Karanja says the series is relatable.

“This is my first Showmax Original so I am super excited and nervous at the same time. Showmax is known for its quality and its boldness in the type of content it puts out and I want to see how I compare to the other giants on the platform,” says director Karanja. 

Untying Kantai is a show that is bold and raw, delving into some uncomfortable truths. I know Kenyans will relate to it because our main themes are really strong and relatable: drugs, church and family,” he added.

 Untying Kantai is part of Showmax’s four-title Kenyan launch slate in May that also includes The Real Housewives of Nairobi S2, new comedy drama series Big Girl Small World, and new docuseries Nilichoma.

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