You don’t need to know everything there is about fashion to appear dapper; all you need is a few accessories


They say what makes you look good makes you feel even better. However, if your workplace requires that you wear a drab suit to work every day, there are ways to still spice up your look while playing by the rules.

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Gold and silver chains, rings, watches and jewelled belts, to mention a few, are all accessories you can use to add a glimmer of sparkle to an outfit. 

Here are some accessories and tips on how to complete your outfit.



A watch complements a man’s outfit and adds a touch of class to his appearance. For formal attire a simple watch with a basic design will do but so will a watch with an elaborate design. If nothing else, a funky watch paired with a drab suit brings out your personality and a touch of flair to your outfit. 

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When wearing a dress shirt, cufflinks no longer become an accessory but a way to level-up. They come in different designs and colour and most will do the magic as long as they are not garish. The goal here is to appear sophisticated, not dowdy.

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Tie Clip


A tie clip’s most basic function is to prevent the tie from being blown from one shoulder to the other. Much like cufflinks, tie clips add a touch of class to a complete outfit. The most preferred colours are gold or silver but you can try out rose gold and if you’re looking to splurge, diamonds.

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Most people may consider a hat a thing of past generations but a good hat can add flair to an outfit. Have you seen The Dapper Brother?

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Keeping up with current fashion trends can be difficult, but, with just the right accessories you can be as dapper as the best of them. 



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