Adele disses Trump at concert with Hillary in the audience

By Mashable

Hillary Clinton went to an Adele concert on Tuesday night to celebrate her birthday and got a pretty amazing present: an endorsement.

Clinton, who turned 69 years old on Wednesday, was partying in Miami (also known as fundraising) and decided to watch British superstar Adele perform at American Airlines Arena.

“I am English, but what happens in America affects me too,” Adele told the crowd, according to Entertainment Weekly. “I am 100 percent for Hillary Clinton. I love her, she’s amazing.”

Then, treating Donald Trump like Voldemort, Adele dissed the Republican presidential nominee without even saying his name.

“Don’t vote for him,” she said.

While it’s unclear whether Adele knew Clinton was in the audience, it’s a known fact that Clinton has a hold on the international pop star demographic.

Meanwhile, Trump is probably somewhere listening to this song on repeat while staring at his phone, waiting for a pop star endorsement call that may never come.


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