African countries urged to add value to agricultural produce

By Nicholus Nduati

Resources mobilization in Kenya and other African countries remains low, evidenced by the continued export of minerals and agricultural produce such as coffee in their raw form.

This is according to the African Capacity Building Foundation report which notes that if this does not change, most African countries will continue relying on foreign aid for the long-term to finance development projects.

Despite raising resources amounting to 520 billion dollars in domestic taxes, and over 168 billion dollars in minerals export, Africa still leads when it comes to poor living standards.

Kenya has not been left behind in these bleak statistics as producers of key export commodities such as small scale farmers and miners continue to languish in poverty.

According to the African Capacity Building Foundation report, this can by far and large be attributed to failure by the country to export her products as brands as well as the low trade volumes with other African countries.

Samson Machuka director of planning at the ministry of devolution and planning notes that Kenya needs to mobilize her resources towards socially and economically viable activities.

Machuka notes that Kenya faces a huge challenge in maintaining her status as a middle income economy until such a time it will be able to hit double figures in economic growth.


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