Artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, designers, researchers and thought leaders from all over Africa are set to attend this year’s African Crossroads

Achille Mbembe said, “If you want to have any idea of the world that is coming; the world ahead of us, look at Africa.” Whether you believe that quote or not, is up to you, but events like African Crossroads are a great place to test this statement.

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What is African Crossroads?

African Crossroads
A network of innovators from 158 organizations and 45 countries brought together by AfriLabs.

African Crossroads is a community made up of African intellectuals and proponents who meet up annually to exchange and critically reflect “on the most cutting-edge entrepreneurial, scientific, artistic, and technological developments anchored in African intellectual and technological traditions.”

Hosted and organized by Hivos, African Crossroads is also considered a retreat where African creative and tech communities convene annually to exchange ideas and debate on subjects that enrich Africa’s development agenda.

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How does it work?

So how does this exchange of ideas happen? Through design exhibitions, workshops, art installations and roundtable discussions around and about inventions and innovations in Science Art and Tech.

This year’s theme, “Sense the City” asks the participating artists, entrepreneurs, computer scientists, designers, researchers, philosophers and thought leaders to come up with innovations and solutions that will bring positive change and advances to African cities.

Last year’s theme dubbed “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”, focused on the role of African thinkers and doers in shaping the ongoing technological and intellectual revolution across Africa.

When is it happening and who is representing Kenya?

This year’s event will take place in Mombasa from November 20th – 23rd. The Kenyans participating in this year’s event are:

Kivutha Kibwana

Nekesa Were

Robert Munuku

Susan Adongo

Velma Kiome

Wakiuru Njuguna

Alex Nthiwa

Eric Muthomi

Feizal Malik

Joram Mwinamo

Kawira Mwirichia

Kivutha Kibwana

Liz Kilili

Lisa Kibutu

Martin Kiyeng

Melisa Allela

The gathering will bring together 170 participants from 30 different countries for the first three days and will be open to the general public on the final day (Nov 23). However, all participants will connect, collaborate and explore the diversity of African cities in all their multi-sensory aspects through activities including panel discussions, art installations, workshops and music performances.


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