Africa’s ability to feed itself being undermined

The Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA) is calling for an end to the use of fossil fuel based fertilizer in Africa.

According to the organization, continued use of petroleum based fertilizer is undermining food production on the continent.

In a statement, AFSA says in the face of high petroleum prices, petroleum based fertilizers are out of the reach of most African farmers.

According to AFSA Africa’s largest food producer networks and their allies are demanding a decisive “shift away from imported fossil-fuel-based fertilizers and chemicals, and towards self-sufficient, ecological farming that revitalizes soil and protects ecosystems,” says AFSA in a statement.

The call is coming ahead of the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) annual forum slated for next week which is themed, “Bold Action for Resilient Food Systems.” However, AFSA is querying how the resilience can be achieved in an atmosphere where the small holder farmers are being disenfranchised by the high prices of farm inputs coupled by dependency on foreign inputs, such as expensive fertilizer, undermining the resilience of African food systems.

Claiming that AGRA’s initiative has failed to agricultural productivity and to grow the incomes, and food security on the continent, AFSA says agricultural productivity on the continent requires rethinking. “Redirect your funding towards systems that enables people to have their dignity, for all creation to have an equal chance to live, where there are no chemicals in our water, in our ground, and in our food,” says Gabriel Manyangadze of Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute (SAFCEI).


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