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AG Muturi leads dissemination of fourth Medium Term Plan 2023-2027 

Attorney General Justin Muturi dissemination of Fourth Medium Term Plan (MTP) 2023-2027 at Kirinyaga University

Attorney General Justin Muturi spearheaded the launch and dissemination of the Fourth Medium Term Plan (MTP) 2023-2027 at Kirinyaga University.

During the launch, the Attorney General emphasized the plan’s pivotal role in the Kenya Kwanza Government’s vision for national development.

Muturi reflected on the enduring legacy of Vision 2030, initiated by the late President Kibaki, and how the BETA MTP 4 is integral to achieving high-quality living standards for all Kenyans.

He highlighted the importance of community involvement in policy formulation, especially before elections, and acknowledged the valuable insights Kirinyaga County offers for national development.

AG Muturi reiterated the government’s commitment to addressing chronic health issues through Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and supporting uninsured Kenyans via community health promoters.

He also aligned with President Ruto’s vision of tax reforms aimed at expanding the revenue base and creating employment opportunities.

In his address, AG Muturi emphasized the Talanta Hela initiative, designed to monetize the creative sector, enabling the youth to generate wealth through their talents. He noted the enhancement of educational infrastructure with increased fibre optic connectivity in schools and celebrated Kenya’s prowess in athletics.

“Kirinyaga is a vital breadbasket for our nation,” stated AG Muturi. “However, it must focus on adding value to its raw materials. In line with this, I am pleased to announce the recruitment of more law enforcers and legal officers to bolster our legal infrastructure.”

He was accompanied by a distinguished delegation including Principal Secretary for Mining, Elijah Mwangi, and Kirinyaga Deputy Governor, David Githanda, among senior officials from various ministries, community groups, faith-based organizations, and members of the public.

PS Mining Elijah Mwangi highlighted the strategic goals of MTP 4, a comprehensive five-year development blueprint by the BETA initiative, which seeks to elevate the quality of life for all Kenyans through inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

Key components of MTP 4 include:

  • Agricultural Advancements: Subsidized farm inputs, crop diversification, expansion of irrigated lands, and promotion of local farm aggregation to boost productivity and lower living costs.
  • Social Inclusion: Implementation of social inclusion funds and cash transfers to support vulnerable groups and children.
  • Youth Employment: Creation of 1.2 million jobs annually, focusing on increasing formal employment opportunities.
  • Infrastructure Development: Credit facilitation, development of a digital superhighway, and increased investment in affordable housing.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Planting 15 billion trees to combat climate change and enhance forest cover.

Mwangi underscored the specific benefits for Kirinyaga, such as the establishment of KEMRI research labs, formation of modern cooperative societies, expansion in aquaculture, operationalization of primary healthcare networks, and financial support through the Inua Jamii program.

Deputy Governor David Githanda expressed optimism about Kirinyaga’s alignment with the BETA initiative, citing significant progress and ongoing projects that mirror the aspirations of MTP 4.

The dissemination of the Fourth Medium Term Plan at Kirinyaga University marks a significant step towards inclusive development, promising economic growth, social equity, and environmental sustainability for all Kenyans.

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