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AI develops and tastes new energy drink

PHOTO: János Vajda/MTI

Picture this: an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that not only designs a drink but also carefully selects its ingredients, formulates the complete recipe, and even tastes it for perfection.

Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, right? Well, prepare to be amazed as we dive into the extraordinary story.

Let’s take a moment to remember some of the significant milestones and inventions in the history of food and drink: the world’s first food delivery (1768), the refrigerator (early 1800s), pasteurization (19th century), the microwave oven (1945), induction cooking (1973), online food ordering (1994), and food delivery robots (2018).

And now, we just witness the latest milestone—the world’s first energy drink entirely developed by Artificial Intelligence, based on a Hungarian producer’s instructions (July 2023).

While the original secret was unveiled two weeks ago, the moment of truth has finally arrived as the drink is now being produced today in one of Europe’s most cutting-edge energy drink factories.

Machines do what a more conscious machine has instructed them to do.

Leveraging its unparalleled ability to process vast amounts of information at lightning speed, the A.I. scoured the depths of the internet, analyzing data on energy drink ingredients, sales figures, consumer feedback, health research, and industry trends. Armed with this comprehensive knowledge, the A.I. set out to create an energy drink that would surpass all expectations.

Employing its cognitive prowess, the A.I. enhanced the energy drink with a meticulously curated blend of vitamins, and amino acids, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and optimizing nutritional standards.

To fine-tune the flavor, the A.I. created even three variations and digitized them using the technology of a New York-based company. After tasting (yes, tasting, not testing) all three drinks and analysing extensive data and statistics, the A.I. utilized its Predictive Intelligence to select the winning flavour.

The result? Tutti-frutti & Berry-blast, a fresh flavor unlike any other by HELL, born from the digital realm of A.I.

To safeguard the recipe’s secrecy, the A.I. provided stringent recommendations. It resides on a highly secure computer within HELL ENERGY’s Hungarian factory, fortified by advanced security measures. Recognizing the need for backup measures, a copy of the recipe is safely stored in a Swiss vault.

But the A.I.’s involvement didn’t end there. It also took charge of the packaging design, infusing the can with a youthful and trendy aesthetic, harmonizing the brand’s identity with the A.I.’s own digital flair.

HELL A.I.’s new creation underwent rigorous quality control and blind tastings, passing with flying colors and further validating the A.I.’s extraordinary capabilities.

This groundbreaking development signifies a new era for the food industry, where A.I. systems analyze vast amounts of data in minutes, accelerating product development cycles from years to a matter of weeks. Collaborative efforts among numerous A.I. systems drive innovation, pushing boundaries previously thought impossible.

Produced in one of Europe’s most advanced beverage facilities, HELL A.I. energy drink is poised to make its debut in over 60 countries worldwide come summer/autumn 2023. Prepare to embark on a taste experience like no other, courtesy of the remarkable fusion of artificial intelligence and innovative beverage creation.