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AI, Drones, and Data Analytics Conference kicks off in Nairobi

Drone Space CEO Tony Mwangi (left) demonstrates the workings of a drone to Charles Murito of Google (centre), and Safaricom's Lead Data Scientist Hillary Wangila on the sidelines of the AI, Drones and Data Analytics Conference and Expo that kicked off today at the Sarit Expo Centre.

The highly anticipated two-day AI, Drones, and Data Analytics Conference has kicked off in Nairobi.

Organised by Drone Space Kenya, the event brings together industry leaders, innovators, and experts to explore the latest advancements and trends in technology shaping the future of Africa and beyond.

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The conference, held at the Sarit Centre features a diverse range of sessions, workshops, and panel discussions covering topics such as artificial intelligence, drone technology, data analytics, and their transformative impact on various industries including agriculture, healthcare, and urban planning.

“This groundbreaking conference serves as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration in the fields of AI, drones, and data analytics. As technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, it is essential for stakeholders to come together, share insights, and explore opportunities for leveraging emerging technologies to address pressing challenges and drive sustainable development,” Drone Space CEO Tony Mwangi said at the conference.

Principal Secretary, State Department for ICT and Digital Economy Eng. John Kipchumba Tanui shared his perspective on the economic importance of technology: “Available data underscores the digital technologies’ transformative potential to the digital economy. Projections by the World Bank suggest that digital technologies could add a staggering $2.6 trillion to global economic output by 2025. This is fueled by technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, drones, data analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT), which hold promise in addressing global challenges like climate change, the circular economy, and the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals”.

Tanui noted that the government is developing policies, legal and regulatory frameworks, and digital infrastructure, citing the establishment of the Kenya Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAI-ST) at Konza Technopolis, which focuses on technological research and development for Kenya and the Africa region.

“We are implementing a digital superhighway to ensure seamless access to the digital realm for all. Part of this digital superhighway are digital hubs that serve as epicentres for e-government services, innovation, digital skilling, and jobs, mostly targeting our vibrant youthful demographic”, added Tanui.

This Conference, noted the Drone Space CEO, aligns seamlessly with the Kenya government’s bottom-up economic transformation agenda by fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and inclusive growth at the grassroots level.

He said it plays a pivotal role in advancing the government’s agenda by empowering communities to harness the potential of emerging technologies to drive sustainable development and prosperity for all.


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