AIPCA Church leaders express support for Arch Bishop Njoroge Gitau

The African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA) leaders in Laikipia and Nyeri counties have been urged to unite under the churches Arch bishop and to shun the ongoing fights that have seen several churches closed.

Laikipia East Bishop Ndirangu Ngunjiri noted that over 60 churches in the regions have seen the light and will be following the validly elected Arch Bishop Njoroge Gitau.

This after the six months the Government gave for the two warring sides to unite lapsed.

Speaking at Lamuria, Ngunjiri noted that the church has its constitution that should be obeyed adding that the fights are now over.

He called on the Church members to unite during this lent period and forget the past.

The Bishop said some of the ugly scenes witnessed where police have been called to settle chaos in different churches over the control of the church in the country should come to an end.

He said that the church is ready to unite all its members under one umbrella and thanked the government for showing faith and trust to its leaders.

Tetu Bishop Francis Kihuria said that the church should embrace the handshake example by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga and focus on uniting the church.

Kihuria called on those opposing the election of Arch bishop Njoroge to accept the new leaders and let the church move on peacefully.

He called on the administration to continue with the fight against drug abuse in central region noting that many young men are still engaging in alcoholism.

The function at Lamuria to celebrate the elevation of area assistant chief to a chief brought both political leaders and church leaders who noted that the two entities cannot work separately.

The church leaders expressed their support for the fight against corruption in the country adding that this should also be taken to churches where several pastors have been incriminated.



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