A few weeks ago, we heard that a few Kenyan car reviewers had been sent to Italy to review the Alfa Romeo Giulia. According to car reviews, the Giulia is both seductive and soulful (more on that later) but this time, we were more interested in Alfa’s first SUV, the Stelvio. So, we got in touch with Trevor Fundi, one of the car reviewers sent to Italy, and we asked him to answer a few questions about the Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

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Image courtesy of Alfa Romeo (USA)

What’s unique or newsworthy about the Alfa Stelvio?

Stelvio is Alfa’s first SUV. It will compete with the likes of BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC.

Is it weird that Alfa Romeo is suddenly making SUV’s?

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It’s not weird for Alfa to build an SUV. Porsche was a sports car manufacturer until they developed the Cayenne. Reason? By 2025, SUV sales will account for over 50% of total global vehicle sales. That means the SUV market is growing rapidly and Alfa had to build the Stelvio to rip the benefits.

Is the Stelvio as beautiful as all the other Alfas of old?

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In terms of design, its has the looks and the curvy surfaces designed to appeal to the younger generation.  The elements of the Alfa pedigree are visible on the front grill and in the interior.

What are the specs on this SUV?

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Stelvio will come in different derivatives dependent on the market starting with the 4 cylinder diesel – which will not be available for our market because of fuel quality issues – and the petrol variants like the V6 3.0L.  There’s talk of a Quadrifoglio variant with a 5.0L V8 coming soon.  The Stelvio will only come in an 8 speed ZF automatic gearbox.

Image courtesy of Driving UK

What does that mean for fuel consumption?

I think fuel efficiency is a relative term used to push products, nonetheless,  the base 4 cylinder diesel will consume between 8-9L/100km on average. The bigger engines will definitely consume 12-13 L/100KM.

If I wanted to go on a road trip that would involve mountainous terrain would the Stelvio cut it?

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Of course! It can handle curvy roads with ease. It’s an Alfa, it has Front McPherson struts and rear double wishbones to keep the car steady under all conditions. Plus, it comes with a Dynamic Stability Control system (standard) so you should be safe from harm’s way in case all hell breaks loose.

Will it be available in the Kenyan Market?

Unfortunately, there’s no Alfa dealership at the moment but a little bird whispered in my ear that one of the main dealerships in Nairobi will have Alfa on their menu very soon.

Image courtesy of Auto Evolution

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