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Allow counties to implement devolved functions, Raila asks state

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition leader Raila Odinga has urged the national government to allow counties to take charge of the implementation of functions that have been devolved.

The Opposition leader maintains that the Constitution clearly defines functions and projects that each level of government can execute. He says this ought to be done if devolution was to succeed.

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“We have two levels of governance. The county and national governments. The national government has its specified roles and it has projects to implement clearly spelt out,” said Raila

The former Prime Minister lamented that the National government had allegedly taken projects that are meant for counties making it difficult for the devolved units to fulfil their constitutional mandates.

“Construction of markets is a function to be executed by county governments, but the national government has taken it up. Industrial parks and housing projects are also supposed to be implemented by counties but money has not been provided for them to do this,” he said reiterating that devolution must be supported and not sabotaged.

He added that; “Health services are also a function of the counties but the government has refused to give this money to counties,” even as he called on the Kenya Kwanza administration to fulfil its promises to Kenyans by implementing functions only meant for the national government.

Raila who was addressing residents of Shamakhokho in Vihiga County said his coalition was still advocating for a 35% share of revenue for counties.

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