Alvan Gitau thanks Kenyans for coming through for him

Wherever there is a human in need, there is an opportunity for kindness and to make a difference.

Last year, Alvan Gatitu, former Tusker Project Fame contestant and TikTok star posted a somber message on Facebook that went viral. In the message, Alvan revealed how much he was struggling financially even though it appeared that had everything together. In the video titled ‘This is life’, Alvan revealed that he had been locked out of his house by a landlord due to rent arrears and had nowhere to go.

The video went viral with thousands of Kenyans resonating with it. People ended up finding his phone number and raising funds to help him get on his feet. In a recent interview with MC Jessy, Alvan revealed that compassionate Kenyans have since raised 2.5 million shillings in order to come to his aid. He has no words to express the gratefulness he feels for everyone who helped him out.

With part of the money people sent him, Alvan gave to the security guard who helped him out on that fateful night that he found his house locked. It in was in this security guard’s house that Alvan spent a cold night because he had nowhere to turn to. Alvan donated about KSH 200,000 to him and his wife.


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